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During my life’s tenure, I have grown tremendously. Growing up in rural Arkansas presented many obstacles that I was determined to overcome. I was a premature child weighing one pound; doctors told my mom that I would probably not live to three years of age. From being verbally and physically abused as a child to struggling to develop and maintain a successful business, I know the feeling of triumph very well. In addition, I have witnessed others experience jubilation in surviving nearly fatal events.

I received a bachelor’s degree in business marketing from the University of Arkansas at Pine Bluff in 2007. Upon completion of my degree, I migrated to Dallas, Texas, where I began my networking endeavors.

The training and experience I received over the last eight years of my life have contributed to my personal and professional growth as a leader and a mentor. My past experiences have imparted knowledge that fuels my passion to help others. As a novice entrepreneur at the age of twenty-two, I was not aware of the mountains I would have to climb.

Renowned speakers and trainers such as Johnny Wimbrey, Les Brown, and Willie Jolley have been major influences in my life.

Therefore I understand the significance of motivating others and serving as a framework for people striving to overcome tasks despite the degree of extremity.

My ultimate goal, through motivation, is to help as many people as possible, guiding them in realizing the conception of defeat despite their past.

Your mess can become your message!

—Johnny Wimbey